See What Our Dealers Are Saying


Noah Woods: So you want to do something different in the market, there’s tons of vendors, tons of products.

Jay Rosario: EasyCare is invested in me, let’s talk about partnerships. The partnership that I have with EasyCare is amazing. Literally, I can pick up a phone, call anybody within the chain, and my answers come within a day, within a couple of hours, depending on what I’m asking, so customer support is top level.

Frank Gandolfo: Of the different vendors that we came across, we were most impressed with EasyCare for multiple reasons. The first being that they were most willing to adapt to our culture, they weren’t just coming in with a cookie-cutter approach in how we were going to achieve the results that we were looking for, but they’re going to do it without any change to our culture.

Kevin Sergent; A lot of companies will come in and tell you what they’re going to do, and I’ve been through that many, many times. But this is the only company in 41 years that have actually referred someone to me. And that means a lot to me, and trust me, I’ve done business with a lot of different people over the years. They don’t just tell you what they’re going to do, they exceed in every possible way to overcome any obstacles and exceed any expectations that you could possibly have.

Mike Schwartz: Being with EasyCare, it’s not just the typical traditional F&I provider that they were for years. They’ve evolved themselves into a full-blown sales training, you add in the fact that they partnered with a great company like MotorTrend, so they’ve evolved on the used car side as well, so they really are your one-stop provider on everything on the front end, from F&I, new cars and used cars to help make your dealership going.

Noah Woods: I like EasyCare MotorTrend is they get it, they understand what our store goals are, and they’re tailor-made to focus on the end result of what we’re trying to do.

Kevin Sergent: I said it’s been in 41 years is the only third-party vendor, partner, anything that I’ve ever recommend. And I like to go as far as saying this, my name’s Kevin Sergeant, my cell phone is number 724-840-1900. Do you have any questions beyond that? That’s my personal cell phone, just give me a call.