Partners Since the Beginning


John Bommarito: Alright, race fans. Hey, it’s John Bommarito. We are at the Bommarito Automotive Group 500, and we are excited to talk to you a little bit about Easycare. I’ve also got my man, Chuck Wallis, who is the VP of Bommarito Automotive Group.

Chuck Wallis: Thank you, John. Easycare’s a great company! We’ve been with Easycare, 20 plus years. The claims are great, the people are great, all professional. I even have a personal story about Easycare. They also do RVs and motor coaches. I bought a  pre-owned motor coach in Phoenix, Arizona, and on its way back, two days into the trip, it had a problem with the engine and Easycare was there to fix it two days in. The contract wasn’t even dry yet. So great people. Great company. And Bommarito Automotive Group doesn’t switch companies, just to switch companies. So, we’ll be with them forever. I highly recommend them.

John Bommarito: Alright race fans, you heard it here first. So, one of our key partners, Easycare, we’ve been with them since inception. I can’t tell you enough, want to thank them personally. If you do not use Easycare or you do not utilize all their services at your dealership—you’re missing out. Again, this is John Bommarito, President of Bommarito Automotive Group in St. Louis.