Partnering with EasyCare Leads to Success


Kevin Sergent: So EasyCare and the relationship that I have with them and why this is working for me. Now, when they first came in, I’m embarrassed to say this now, but our average was around $400 a car, that was pretty bad, it wasn’t hard to improve from there. Early on, it was very easy sledding to make things move, but the interesting part is that every year, no matter what the economy was like, what’s going on with the manufacturer, what’s going on with banking, we’ve increased, every year, year after year, and it’s been a lot of work on the guys from the EasyCare team. I’ve been with guys before, they come in and you’re not performing, you know, “You need to do this. Here’s your numbers.” Well, they do it not only monthly, weekly, daily, hourly if needed, they’re in the store. Sometimes it’s training, sometimes it’s working on some word tracks, sometimes it’s just motivating them.

And what I’ve learned over the 15 years of doing this, it’s not any one thing that makes it work. The training, you can get that a lot of different ways, motivation, you can get that a lot of different ways. They help me with my pay plans, which again, adds a lot into the motivation of things. We have different competitions every month that help us focus on work performance, perform better work habits in certain areas that we’re not doing well, and it’s just been an awesome ride.

And the better that we do on the F&I side of this, the more money it feeds into the warranty company, so it’s a super win-win for me on my part. And a lot of companies will come in and tell you what they’re going to do, and I’ve been through that many, many times, but this is the only company in 41 years that I’ve referred someone to, and that means a lot to me. And trust me, I’ve done business with a lot of different people over the years, they don’t just tell you what they’re going to do, they exceed in every possible way to overcome any obstacles and exceed any expectations that you could possibly have, and it’s just been an awesome ride. I’d like to close in saying this, in 41 years this is the only third-party vendor, partner, anything that I’ve ever recommended. I’d like to go as far as saying this, my name’s Kevin Sergent, my cell phone number is 724-840-1900. If you have any questions beyond that, that’s my personal cell phone, just give me a call.