More Profit and Higher Customer Satisfaction with MotorTrend Certified



Good morning, Noah Woods here at Capital Nissan. If you’re like me, you want to do something different in the market. Right? There are tons of vendors, tons of products. I’m going to share with you what we did several years ago, we partnered with EasyCare. They came to us with a MotorTrend Certified program, and CarMax was coming to town, and we decided we wanted to do something a little different to compete and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace with value-added products.

It doesn’t work for everybody, but I’ll tell you the reasons why it works for me. We all have certification programs from the factory, and MotorTrend, everybody knows what MotorTrend is, and it’s tailor-made to fit your store’s needs. That’s what I like about it, you can pick and choose the products to offer as far as the certification goes, and it works for us, and it builds value to our customers. And it’s going to make you money.

At the end of the day, that’s why we come to work to sell cars and make gross profit. And the guys at EasyCare do a great job for us, they’re always very supportive, just great guys, the team, when they come in and do training, it’s important. And the team feeds off that, they enjoy it, they feel like they learn something. And they’re car guys, everybody thinks they’re the best at something, and then it ends up working out as far as the chemistry with your sales team. And so, that’s why I like EasyCare MotorTrend is they get it, they understand what our store goals are, and they’re tailor-made to focus on the end result of what we’re trying to focus. Hope you guys appreciate the info, love to help you anytime.