Maximize Sales and Create Value for your Customers with Motor Trend Certified


Speaker 1: We’re excited about MotorTrend here at Ricart Automotive, we’ve been around since 1953, and this is the best program we’ve ever done to deliver a better product, for a great price.

Speaker 2: MotorTrend has been phenomenal. It really helped us revolutionize the way that we sold used cars.

S1: Customers love it because they get a great car, that’s been fixed, that’s been repaired to these high standards, they get wonderful products afterward that they can’t get anywhere else.

S2: The MotorTrend Certified Program really keeps the customer in mind when it comes to the quality of the vehicle that we offer, by going through the entire inspection process and really making sure that they’re buying a better car.

S1: We have always reconditioned our used cars at Ricart Automotive, we have a dedicated 18,000 square foot facility just for MotorTrend.

S2: The cars are inspected, really upgraded and guaranteed.

S1: We want the best used car on the road in Columbus, Ohio, and MotorTrend gives us the guidelines and the roadmap to do that.

S2: We really believe in the product that we put on the road. So we offer more, but also better cars.