Long-term Success with MotorTrend Certified


My name is Jay Rosario. I’ve been the dealer principal of multiple franchise dealerships. And while on a dealer trip with EasyCare, I came up with the concept of bringing MotorTrend into my franchise Nissan store. It was a game changer. I’ve operated the store for 15 years, and the last six years have had over 120% sales effectiveness. I sold it in 2019 at 143% sales effectiveness in the Nissan world, and MotorTrend was a big contributor to that.

I needed to be different than the other 14 stores in my area. MotorTrend allowed me to do that. It’s a customizable program. So when you set up your warranty program, we’re like a POWERLIFE program. You could decide what products you want to offer. We decided to do a 72-hour exchange. We decided to do two free key fobs. We decide to do the $11.99 oil change. It allows you to be different, and you customize it how you want.

Today, I’m launching a stand-alone MotorTrend dealership in Orlando, Florida. It’s amazing. It’s 36,000 square feet and MotorTrend is the driving force. In all our focus groups, EasyCare and MotorTrend were recognized. EasyCare has been around for, I think, it’s a second decade or third decade. It started, I believe, as a Ford program, and I remember when they used to sell Fords.

The two names of two powerful names in conjunction, and that’s what we do. We are APCO. We are EasyCare. We are MotorTrend. And that’s the winning combination, of course. If you’re asking, “Does the product work?” Absolutely. I invested largely into it, and MotorTrend’s invested in me. EasyCare is invested in me.

Let’s talk about partnerships. The partnership that I have with EasyCare is amazing. Literally I can pick up a phone and call anybody within the chain, and my answers come within a day, within a couple of hours, depending on what I’m asking. Customer support is top level. I’m available for any questions. I am not being paid for this. I am not getting a discount for this. This is just the real deal from a product perspective, from a presentation perspective, from support. EasyCare, MotorTrend a winning combination. I’d do either one by themselves, but I’m blessed to have them both together. It’s a win/win for me.