Increase your PVR with EasyCare


Hi, I’m Frank Gandolfo, I’m the General Manager at Circle Infiniti. I just want to take a few minutes to go over my experience with EasyCare. A little bit of background on our company, we were not in the F&I business at all, we were a new car franchise that was not focused on F&I at all. And then we saw our volume started degrading very quickly and looked at different areas of opportunity within the dealership, we realized that F&I was our one area where we really were suffering and the biggest loss of income.

 So, we looked around for different partners and we were highly recommended to EasyCare. The EasyCare guys, Rob and Jeremiah came in and did a fantastic job explaining the process. And of all the different vendors that we came across, we were most impressed with EasyCare for multiple reasons, the first being that they were most willing to adapt to our culture, they weren’t just coming in with a cookie-cutter approach in how we were going to achieve the results that we were looking for, but they were willing to do it without any change to our culture.

We were most concerned about any issue that we would have with customers with this new philosophy and this new process that we would be introducing into the store. Along comes Bob as our account manager, and it’s been about a two-year process now, and I’m happy to report, two years later, we’ve increased our PVR over $1,000 over that time frame, our most recent month, we’re going to be almost $1,800 above where we started with them, but the biggest part of that is we’ve done it with all the same employees than when we started.

Most companies would’ve come in and said, “It’s the people, because we’re giving you the process and we’re giving you all the tools, and your people just aren’t producing.” But we kept working with the same people, although it was difficult, and we have now achieved what we feel is a very good result with the same people that we had. We’re a store of tremendous amounts of longevity, to a fault. We’re very loyal to our people, and in this situation, what we were trying to achieve, we were able to achieve with the hard work of Bob and his crew at EasyCare because they were willing to work with us, continually work with us to achieve where we are now. And like I said, we have tremendous results and we’re very happy where we’ve come because of the EasyCare process and philosophy. Thank you.