Implementing a Training Program that Impacts Your Bottom Line


My name is Mike Schwartz. I’m the Vice President of Dealership Operations for Galpin Motors. In this business, you choose vendors for a variety of reasons, and ultimately, you move away from vendors for a variety of reasons. Usually those are that they don’t have the ability to service you anymore or they don’t evolve with the times.

I’m happy to say that Galpin Motors has been with EasyCare for many years. They started as our F&I provider, and they did a wonderful job training all of our stores in F&I, not only on the newest sales presentations, but as well as compliance and whatever the newest products on the market were.

As the business has evolved, I’m happy to say that EasyCare has evolved with it. And certainly, when we came out of COVID and we adapted some of our sales styles. We have the One-Touch A-to-Z salespeople and we didn’t have to go to another provider to help train that. We worked alongside EasyCare, and they developed the curriculum to help train the salespeople to become the A-to-Z salespeople, the hybrids, so they can touch a customer from A-to-Z, and we don’t have to worry about turning it to F&I. And they trained them on compliance, trained them on product, and they’re just like regular F&I people.

And so, in the end being with EasyCare is not just the typical traditional F&I provider that they were for years. They’ve evolved themselves into full-blown sales training. You add to the fact that they partnered with a great company like MotorTrend, so they’ve evolved in the used car side as well. They really are your one-stop provider on everything on the front end, from F&I, new car, and used cars to help keep your dealership rolling.