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Vehicle Service Contracts

There’s nothing quite like that new-car smell, or the shiny exterior reflecting your smile as you prepare to drive off in your new purchase—quite possibly one of the largest ones you’ll make in your life. Protect your investment from unexpected repair costs, and increase your trade-in value, with one of our four varying levels of coverage: Total Care, Stated Care, Primary Care and Power Care.

Lifted & Medium Duty Truck Vehicle Service Contracts

Your truck is your ride to adventure and your livelihood. We offer three levels of coverage to suit your budget and driving habits so you can protect your investment and increase your trade-in value.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

With your children happily giggling in the back seat, you’re cruising along and singing to the tunes on the radio. Buying a car opens the doors to joyous moments and everlasting memories, but it also opens doors to large investments. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage protects you from paying large out-of-pocket expenses for the “gap” between your insurance settlement and the balance of your loan in case of a total loss.


Rideshare driving is the perfect way to add extra income in your wallet, meet some friendly faces and explore unfamiliar territories—which is why your vehicle should never be compromised. EasyCare’s Rideshare coverage options are specifically designed to give you ultimate peace of mind and keep you on the track to success.


Some choices are easy to make, like which podcast to listen to or which restaurant drive-through line to pass through. But when it comes to maintaining your car, making choices can become overwhelming. EasyCare Select is our most popular benefits package, and includes preselected coverage items such as windshield repair, paint scratch repair and key replacement—ultimately adding to your car’s resale value.


Certain parts of your vehicle wear out with the time that you spend driving to your destination. With no deductible, EasyCare’s comprehensive SelectCare benefit covers the expense of everyday wear that isn’t typically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so that your vehicle continues to perform at its best—and so that you can focus on what matters most.


A slow ride on a lazy Sunday afternoon is the perfect recipe for relaxing and clearing your mind. Ensure that your car rolls with the punches as you set out on the road ahead. EasyCare’s Tire & Wheel contracts include coverage services like tire and wheel repair or replacement, and trip interruption.


As your friends eagerly hop into your brand new car, your only worry is the outcome of the football game you’re about to watch. Car dents or dings simply aren’t a concern—until they happen. And when they do, they are a huge factor in determining car trade-in value. EasyCare’s Paintless Dent Repair is an effective and innovative way to virtually erase small dents or dings from painted sheet metal surfaces without harming the vehicle’s factory finish.


Destination. It can be a hotel on the coast, a park overlooking a beautiful sunset on a summer evening, or a house—immersed in laughter—waiting on you after a long day of work. But the doors to your dreams can sometimes unexpectedly close. In the event that you lose your keys, or get locked out of your car or home, EasyCare KeyCare can get you back on track. We provide services such as key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, recovery and identity protection, and covered transportation.


You sit in traffic, coffee cup in hand, pondering the day’s various to-do’s. And naturally, those inconvenient tasks that aren’t engrained in our routine lives often times just don’t make the cut. With routine, pre-paid car maintenance, you don’t have to worry about any costs coming out of left field. Plus, all services are offered by professional, certified technicians, so you know that your car is in good hands.


Life is a beautiful mess—from your dog’s paw prints adorning your car seats, to mud from your latest outdoor adventure covering your car’s exterior. EasyCare’s Appearance Protection provides coverage that far exceeds the limited coverage offered by the vehicle manufacturer, keeping your car looking new longer.


A contagious laugh shared with a loved one while you’re walking to your car is the perfect end to a relaxing night out. Don’t let vehicle theft, or the anticipation of it, keep you from getting there. EasyCare Theft Protection is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to prevent car theft and protect your investment.


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The information on this page is intended for marketing purposes only and is a summary of the benefits offered. Not all plans are available in all areas and coverage may vary by state. Ask your dealer representative for the actual contract for complete terms, conditions, exclusions and state-specific language. Purchase of this coverage is optional and is not required to qualify for financing. For Select, Some damage may not be capable of being repaired using the method(s) set forth herein. Such determination shall be made within the sole discretion of the repair technician.