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Transfer My Contract

If you choose to sell or gift your car, transferring your service contract to the new owner will give them peace of mind and increase the value of your car.
Please note that conditions may apply (see below for details).

To transfer your contract, mail the following documents to EasyCare (Attn: Transfers) P.O. Box 8058, Norcross, GA 30091:

  1. Letter stating to whom you want to transfer the extended warranty.
  2. The warranty, transfer fee (varies according to state regulations) and written evidence that all maintenance requirements have been met.
  3. Change of ownership documentation and mileage at date of transfer.
  4. Photocopies of documents sent to the manufacturer verifying transfer of factory warranty, if applicable.

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  • Note: this extended warranty may not be transferred to another vehicle; just another owner.
  • The car is subject to inspection.
  • Transfer of the extended warranty must take place within 30 days of transfer of ownership.
  • Transfer is prohibited to a vehicle dealer or customer of a vehicle dealer.
  • Contracts on leased vehicles can’t be transferred, unless the original lessee is purchasing the vehicle.
  • All remaining underlying warranties must be transferred to the new owner.
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Renew My Vehicle Service Contract

Interested in renewing your contract? Just follow the quick and simple steps below:

  • Contact EasyCare prior to 1,000 miles and 30 days of the expiration of your current Vehicle Service Contract.
  • If requested, provide EasyCare with verifiable service records showing that maintenance was completed based on manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
  • For payment options, we accept checks and credit cards, and also offer no-interest financing options (no credit check required).

Got questions?
We’ve got answers. Call us at 800-538-4181.


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