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With EasyCare, compliance comes standard! EasyCare is pleased to provide—at no charge to qualifying dealers—a suite of web-based training through its partner, Mosaic Compliance Services, to help dealers meet the unique compliance requirements for the F&I office. And for EasyCare dealers who want a broader, dealership-wide Compliance Management System, Mosaic offers a comprehensive compliance package at a substantially discounted rate.

Our comprehensive compliance training enables you to meet the legal requirements of your F&I office and beyond—with rates starting at zero.



The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau expects every dealership to adopt a Fair Credit Policy & Program. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has offered a model program template for its dealership members. The Compliance Essentials F&I program offers the NADA materials, as well as interactive web-based training and policy acknowledgment to support it.
The Compliance Essentials F&I program also includes a response memo for finance sources that seek proof of dealerships’ Fair Credit compliance efforts.


No matter how committed to compliance a dealership or its F&I personnel may be, if they don’t know the law and how it applies to the F&I office, actually complying will be spotty at best. To educate F&I personnel, EasyCare provides video-based, interactive training.


  • Risk assessment
  • F&I non-negotiables
  • Compliance articles library
  • EasyCare product training modules


F&I Essentials: No Charge
  • Online deployment of the NADA Fair Credit Program
  • Template response to finance source inquiries
  • Deployment of F&l non-negotiables
  • Downloadable reporting in support of compliance efforts
  • Initial “health check” via compliance survey
  • F&l personnel only
  • Compliance Officer training and tools
Online, video-based, interactive training on:
  • Adverse Actions
  • Cash Reporting
  • Conditional Delivery
  • Credit Applications
  • Customer Signature
  • Discrimination
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Ethics
  • Fair Credit Policy
  • FTC Privacy Rule
  • FTC Red Flags Rule
  • FTC Safeguards Rule
  • FTC Telemarketing Rule
  • FTC Used Car Rule
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • Menu Vocabulary
  • Negative Equity
  • OFAC
  • Regulation M
  • Regulation Z
  • Risk-Based Pricing Rule


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Comprehensive Compliance:

Everything included in F&I Essentials, plus:
  • Templates for and assistance in development of the following policies:

– Employee Handbook
– F&l Policy
– Sales Policy Privacy Rule Policy
– Fair Credit/Fair Pricing Program
– Safeguards Rule

  • Deployment and verification of all policy documents
  • Deployment of sales manager and sales associate non-negotiables
  • Additional training topics:

– Fair Credit Reporting Act
– Non-negotiables
– Retaliation
– Sexual harassment
– Vehicle Service Contracts
…and more

  • Job-specific training for all dealership employees

Comprehensive Management System:

Everything included in Comprehensive Compliance, plus:

Third-party compliance reviews

  • Annual service
  • Deal jacket scan and upload to secure ftp site
  • 90-point compliance audit
  • Review of sample of recorded transactions (if applicable)
  • Red Flags Rule review and annual report
  • Safeguards Rule review and annual report
  • Written report
  • Recap meeting with dealer personnel via webinar

Complaint Resolution System

  • Web-based, consumer-facing complaint

The F&I Essentials core package is provided to qualifying EasyCare dealers at no charge. Compliance upgrade options are provided at an additional charge by Mosaic Compliance Services and may require execution of a separate services agreement with Mosaic.

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