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Having the right team in place is the cornerstone of success.

In an effort to equip your dealership with the best staff, we provide complimentary talent recruitment services that attract and manage job applicants on your behalf—at absolutely no cost to you.

All we need to get started are the roles you’re trying to fill and the qualifications you’re looking for. As resumes come in, we’ll share the best ones with you. You’ll save countless hours creating job postings and reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants.

The best part? Once you hire the ideal candidates, EasyCare will kick-start their success with our innovative in-class and virtual training, as well as a comprehensive web-based compliance tool suited to the unique requirements for the F&I office.


"The expertise in providing job details and duties of open positions truly makes dealing with EasyCare Recruiting a pleasure."
J.J. Hunter
C. Harper Automotive
BelleVernon, PA


Let us help you fill the critical roles at your dealership. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Or call us at 1-800-427-0627. If you’re interested in applying for a position, please click the View Open Positions button above, select the position you’re interested in and apply.


Positions matched


Job Title City State
Automotive Service BDC Representative 6660GrahamNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Sales Consultant 6659SalisburyMaryland
Automotive Business Manager / Finance Manager 6658SalisburyMaryland
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6651LexingtonKentucky
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6662MilledgevilleGeorgia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6661CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Main Shop Technician 6643WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Finance and Insurance Directors / Managers 6655BostonMassachusetts
Automotive Finance and Insurance Directors / Managers 6656HartfordConnecticut
Automotive Finance and Insurance Directors / Managers 6657ProvidenceRhode Island
Automotive Motor Vehicle / Title Clerk 6652HackensackNew Jersey
Automotive Sales Manager 6654SpartanburgSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 6650MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Accounting Clerk 6649MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Controller 6648MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Service Technician 6647MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Title Clerk 6646MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Sales Consultant 6645MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Sales Professional 6644CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6640DurhamNorth Carolina
Express Lube / Quick Lube Technician 6639ManhattanKansas
Automotive Sales Professionals 6638Southern PinesNorth Carolina
Automotive Express Service Tech / Lube Tech 6636WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Service Technician 6637GastoniaNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 6635BessemerAlabama
Automotive Internet Sales Professional 6634BessemerAlabama
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6632Kansas CityKansas
Automotive Parts Advisor 6628ManhattanKansas
Automotive Sales Associates 6627ManhattanKansas
Automotive Sales Professional 6630Kansas CityKansas
Automotive Service Technician 6629ManhattanKansas
Automotive Service Writer 6633Kansas CityKansas
Automotive Dealership Office Manager 6625MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Service Manager 6623WinchesterVirginia
Automotive Service Manager 6622WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Automotive Registry / Title Clerk 6617WorcesterMassachusetts
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6615White MarshMaryland
Ford Master Technician 6618BostonMassachusetts
Ford Master Technician 6619PortlandMaine
Ford Master Technician 6620HartfordConnecticut
Ford Master Technician 6621New York CityNew York
Automotive Sales Consultant 6616MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 6614SarasotaFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6613Fort MyersFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6612NaplesFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6611Lake CityFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6610JacksonvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6609OrlandoFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6608GainesvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 6607TampaFlorida
Automotive Lot Attendant / Porter 6541FredericksburgVirginia
Automotive Sales Manager 6606MidlandTexas
Automotive Sales Manager 6604Las CrucesNew Mexico
Automotive Sales Manager 6605LubbockTexas
Automotive Sales Associate 6603SpartanburgSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 6602AndersonSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 6601GreenvilleSouth Carolina
Heavy Diesel Technician 6593GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive Main Shop Technician 6594GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive Quick Lane Tech / Express Lube Tech 6595GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive Service Advisor 6597GaithersburgMaryland
Experienced Automotive Main Shop Technician 6599WaldorfMaryland
Experienced Heavy Truck Shop Manager / Service Manager 6596WashingtonDistrict of Columbia
Automotive Parts Accessory Manager 6600Fort MillSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 6551NorwalkConnecticut
Automotive Service Advisor / Writer 6552NorwalkConnecticut
Automotive Lot Porter 6587WoodbridgeVirginia
Automotive Express Lube Tech 6588WoodbridgeVirginia
Automotive Detailer 6592ClantonAlabama
Automotive Entry Level Quick Lube Technician 6591ClantonAlabama
Automotive Master Technician 6590ClantonAlabama
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6589PhiladelphiaPennsylvania
Automotive Sales Professional 6586EvansvilleIndiana
Automotive Service Technician 6583DearbornMichigan
Automotive Sales Consultant 6582DearbornMichigan
Automotive Lot Porter 6584DearbornMichigan
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6577VistaCalifornia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6574MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive KBB / BDC / Sales Professional 6575VistaCalifornia
Automotive Service Manager 6578LubbockTexas
Automotive Service Manager 6579AmarilloTexas
Automotive Lot Attendant / Porter 6573StaffordVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Technician 6571StaffordVirginia
Automotive Express Lube Technician 6572StaffordVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Technician 6522Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Business Development Center Representative / BDC Rep 6337GreerSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Drive Manager 6567RosenbergTexas
Automotive Body Shop / Collision Center Technician 6568StatesvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6528LancasterPennsylvania
Automotive Sales Manager 6565ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 6564Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 6563FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Writer 6477MorgantonNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 6535RochesterNew York
Automotive Entry Level Office Personnel 6504VictorNew York
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6558RochesterNew York
Automotive Sales Manager 6562SmithfieldNorth Carolina
Used Car Service Technician 6555WoodbridgeVirginia
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6560BridgewaterNew Jersey
Automotive Sales Professional 6561RandolphNew Jersey
Service Department Greeter 6557HickoryNorth Carolina
Experienced Used Car Service / Reconditioning Technician 6556HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultant 6546RockinghamNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Personnel / Night Shift 6542MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 6545DanvilleVirginia
Automotive Service Lot Porter 6554WarrentonVirginia
Automotive Service Advisor 6543Glen BurnieMaryland
Automotive Service Technician 6549DurhamNorth Carolina
Express Lane Quick Lube Service Technician 6548DurhamNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultant 6536WarrentonVirginia
Lot Manager / Inventory Manager 6503HackensackNew Jersey
Automotive Sales Associate 6533SpartanburgSouth Carolina
Automotive Warranty Administrator 6532MorgantownWest Virginia
Luxury Auto Sales Consultant 6531Owings MillsMaryland
BMW Service Technician 6530Owings MillsMaryland
Automotive Admin / Service Dispatcher 6505ChantillyVirginia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6526MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Service Advisor 6524Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Lube Technician / Express Technician 6523Marlow HeightsMaryland
Recreational Vehicles RV Service Technician 6525HillsboroOhio
Automotive Title Clerk 6502HackensackNew Jersey
Experienced Automotive GM Service Technician 6520ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Kia Service Technician 6521ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6516SanfordNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6515GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6514GoldsboroNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Honda Service Technician 6519ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive BDC Representative 6518SumterSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 6517SumterSouth Carolina
Main Shop Automotive Service Technician 6508WarrentonVirginia
Main Shop Automotive Service Technician 6507ChantillyVirginia
Entry Level Automotive BDC Representative / Receptionist 6506ChantillyVirginia