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Having the right team in place is the cornerstone of success.

In an effort to equip your dealership with the best staff, we provide complimentary talent recruitment services that attract and manage job applicants on your behalf—at absolutely no cost to you.

All we need to get started are the roles you’re trying to fill and the qualifications you’re looking for. As resumes come in, we’ll share the best ones with you. You’ll save countless hours creating job postings and reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants.

The best part? Once you hire the ideal candidates, EasyCare will kick-start their success with our innovative in-class and virtual training, as well as a comprehensive web-based compliance tool suited to the unique requirements for the F&I office.


"The expertise in providing job details and duties of open positions truly makes dealing with EasyCare Recruiting a pleasure."
J.J. Hunter
C. Harper Automotive
BelleVernon, PA


Let us help you fill the critical roles at your dealership. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Or call us at 1-800-427-0627. If you’re interested in applying for a position, please click the View Open Positions button above, select the position you’re interested in and apply.


Positions matched


Job Title City State
National Automotive Sales Manager 6037RoswellGeorgia
Loaner Car Dept. Supervisor - Automotive 6036MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Advisor 6033WarrentonVirginia
Maryland Automotive State Inspector 6032WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Parts Driver 6034MorgantonNorth Carolina
Insurance Agency Manager / Agent 6031EdgewoodMaryland
Part Time Automotive Detailer 6030GrahamNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6029RochesterNew York
Automotive Billing Clerk 6027MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Parts Counter Associate 6026HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6025HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Assistant Service Manager 6024HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 6023HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 6022HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Aftermarket Accessory Technician 6021MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 6015SanfordNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6016GoldsboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Quick Lane Tech / Express Lube Tech 6019GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive Service BDC Representative / Call Center 6020FairbornOhio
Automotive Express Service Tech / Lube Tech 6018WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Express Service Tech / Lube Tech 6017WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Sales Professional 5880DanvilleVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Tech 6014White MarshMaryland
Automotive Service Advisor 6013WarrentonVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Tech 6012WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Service Manager 6011WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Virginia State Inspector 6010AshlandVirginia
Automotive Lot Porter 6008WoodbridgeVirginia
Automotive Lube Technician 5916LexingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultant 5918LexingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Development Consultant 5917LexingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6003SpringfieldMassachusetts
Automotive Sales Associate 6004GreenvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 6005ChesterPennsylvania
Automotive Special Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I 6009ChantillyVirginia
Automotive Parts Manager 6002IndianapolisIndiana
Automotive Parts Manager 6001OwensboroKentucky
Automotive Parts Manager 6000LouisvilleKentucky
Automotive Entry Level Lube Tech 5999PaducahKentucky
Automotive Service Advisor 5998PaducahKentucky
Automotive Sales Manager 5997PaducahKentucky
Used Car Manager 5996PaducahKentucky
Automotive Service Technician 5995PaducahKentucky
Automotive Lot Porter 5992BerlinNew Jersey
Automotive Service Technician 5991BerlinNew Jersey
Automotive Sales Specialist 5990BerlinNew Jersey
Insurance Professional / Producer / Manager 5989AllentownPennsylvania
Automotive Detailer 5983UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Sales Associates 5986UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Sales Manager 5982UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Service Advisor 5985UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Service Manager 5987UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Service Technician 5984UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Dealership Office Manager 5988UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5981UniontownPennsylvania
Automotive Warranty Administrator 5980PinevilleNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Detailer 5979CincinnatiOhio
Experienced Automotive Service Manager 5973Lexington ParkMaryland
Automotive Service Technician 5978MonroeNorth Carolina
Automotive Area Representative 5976AustinTexas
Automotive Area Representative 5977San AntonioTexas
Fixed Operations Director 5975HoustonTexas
Automotive Body Shop / Collsion Manager 5974GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive General Manager / GM 5972Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive General Manager / GM 5971GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 5970MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 5969SalisburyNorth Carolina
Auto Body Shop / Collision Center Technician 5968DanvilleVirginia
Automotive Body Shop Painter Apprentice 5967DanvilleVirginia
Automotive Sales Associates 5965TurnersvilleNew Jersey
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5966RunnemedeNew Jersey
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5964DallasTexas
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager 5963FreeholdNew Jersey
Entry Level Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5959RochesterNew York
Automotive Dealership Controller 5958RochesterNew York
Automotive Sales Consultant 5957RochesterNew York
Automotive Sales Professional 5954HagerstownMaryland
Automotive Sales Professional 5955WaynesboroPennsylvania
Automotive Sales Professional 5956GreencastlePennsylvania
Used Car Sales Manager 5953WinchesterVirginia
Automotive Service Technicians 5952StatesvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technicians 5951MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Professional 5949Panama CityFlorida
Experienced Auto Mechanic 5948Tysons CornerVirginia
Import Automotive Service Writer 5915WoodbridgeVirginia
Used Car Sales Manager 5869GreenvilleNorth Carolina
Experienced Trailer Mechanic 5946VersaillesOhio
Automotive Sales Manager 5945LubbockTexas
Automotive Sales Manager 5944ClovisTexas
Automotive Sales Manager 5943AmarilloTexas
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5942ClantonAlabama
Automotive Sales Consultant / Product Specialist 5941FredericksburgVirginia
Automotive Sales Consultant / Product Specialist 5940SpringfieldVirginia
Automotive Sales Consultant / Product Specialist 5939WinchesterVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Tech 5936WarrentonVirginia
Automotive Parts Advisor 5935Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Service Technician 5938WinchesterVirginia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I 5932SanfordNorth Carolina
Automotive Lot Attendant / Porter 5933WarrentonVirginia
Automotive Service Manager 5931GoldsboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 5928ClaremontNew Hampshire
Automotive Detailer 5929Tysons CornerVirginia
Automotive Assistant Service Advisor 5927WarrentonVirginia
Automotive General Sales Manager / GSM 5926AtlantaGeorgia
Automotive Customer Service Representative 5925FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultant 5924SalisburyNorth Carolina
Automotive Entry Level Quick Lube Technician 5923ClantonAlabama
Automotive Detailer 5922ClantonAlabama
Automotive General Manager 5921RichmondVirginia
Automotive General Manager 5856CharlottesvilleVirginia
Automotive Express Service / Lube Tech 5919White MarshMaryland
Experienced Dealership Personnel - Automotive 5854Van NuysCalifornia
Automotive Service Technician 5903GainesvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5904OrlandoFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5905JacksonvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5907NaplesFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5908Fort MyersFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5909SarasotaFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5902TampaFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 5906Lake CityFlorida
Automotive Service Manager 5913BrandywineMaryland
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5912AnnapolisMaryland
Automotive Quick Lane Technician 5911RockinghamNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5900ParsippanyNew Jersey
Certified Chrysler Service Technician 5899SalisburyMaryland
Automotive Sales Consultant 5896SalisburyMaryland
Automotive Sales Manager 5897SalisburyMaryland
Automotive Service Technician 5852Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 5851Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 5891GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Express / Quick Lube Technician 5890GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager 5889DurhamNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 5888GreerSouth Carolina
Automotive Parts Delivery Driver 5887FredericksburgVirginia
Automotive Marketing Manager 5886ElizabethtownKentucky
Transmission Technician 5837Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Body Shop Manager and Estimator 5884DaytonOhio
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5881PittsburghPennsylvania
Automotive Finance Manager 5877HarrisonburgVirginia
Automotive Finance Manager 5878StauntonVirginia
Automotive Finance Manager 5879WinchesterVirginia
Automotive Cashier 5882Rochester HillsMichigan
Automotive Finance Director 5876WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Sales Manager 5798AlbanyNew York
Automotive Sales Manager 5797WorcesterMassachusetts
Automotive Sales Manager 5796BostonMassachusetts
Automotive Sales Manager 5795ClaremontNew Hampshire
Automotive Sales Manager 5794ManchesterNew Hampshire
Automotive Sales Consultant 5875HoustonTexas
Used Car Sales Manager 5874ShelbyNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician / C Level 5872GreenvilleSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 5871GreenvilleSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Manager 5870BeckleyWest Virginia
Automotive Lot Attendant / Lot Porter 5868MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Development Center Consultant 5867MooresvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Apprentice 5866Fort MillSouth Carolina
New Car Sales Manager 5857AtlantaGeorgia
Automotive Service Advisor 5861GaithersburgMaryland
Heavy Diesel Technician 5860GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive Technician / Maryland State Inspector 5859GaithersburgMaryland
Experienced Heavy Truck Shop Manager / Service Manager 5858RockvilleMaryland
Automotive Parts Advisor 5863Fort MillSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 5862LexingtonKentucky
Parts Manager Automotive 5853LexingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Manager 5855RomeoMichigan
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 5808ConnellsvillePennsylvania