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Having the right team in place is the cornerstone of success.

In an effort to equip your dealership with the best staff, we provide complimentary talent recruitment services that attract and manage job applicants on your behalf—at absolutely no cost to you.

All we need to get started are the roles you’re trying to fill and the qualifications you’re looking for. As resumes come in, we’ll share the best ones with you. You’ll save countless hours creating job postings and reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants.

The best part? Once you hire the ideal candidates, EasyCare will kick-start their success with our innovative in-class and virtual training, as well as a comprehensive web-based compliance tool suited to the unique requirements for the F&I office.


"The expertise in providing job details and duties of open positions truly makes dealing with EasyCare Recruiting a pleasure."
J.J. Hunter
C. Harper Automotive
BelleVernon, PA


Let us help you fill the critical roles at your dealership. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Or call us at 1-800-427-0627. If you’re interested in applying for a position, please click the View Open Positions button above, select the position you’re interested in and apply.


Positions matched


Job Title City State
Automotive General Sales Manager / GSM 8240RichmondVirginia
Automotive Main Shop Technician 8247SpringfieldVirginia
Automotive Service Director 8245HamptonVirginia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8246ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive Parts Counterperson 8244HamptonVirginia
Automotive Service Advisor 8228White MarshMaryland
Automotive Sales Associates 8222ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Professional 8221Saint PetersMissouri
Automotive General Manager 8239NorfolkVirginia
Automotive General Manager 8238Virginia BeachVirginia
Automotive Sales Professional 8237FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 8236FlorenceSouth Carolina
Experienced Service Technician 8234FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Lube Tech/Lot Porter 8233FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Certified Service Technician 8232Kansas CityMissouri
Automotive Service Manager 8227RaleighNorth Carolina
Experienced Toyota Automotive Technician 8235FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8226RaleighNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8206CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Manager 8220Saint PetersMissouri
Automotive Internet Sales Manager 8194HamptonVirginia
Automotive General Manager 8219RaleighNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8215LexingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8216Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8217GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Parts Manager 8218BurlingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultants 8213SyracuseNew York
Automotive Service Manager 8214SyracuseNew York
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8212Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8211CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8210SalisburyNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Development Representative / BDC Representative 8208SmithfieldNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Manager 8209CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor / Assistant Service Manager 8207CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 8205TampaFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8204GainesvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8203OrlandoFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8202JacksonvilleFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8201Lake CityFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8200Fort MyersFlorida
Automotive Service Technician 8199SarasotaFlorida
Automotive Dealership Receptionist 8198BirminghamAlabama
Automotive Oil Change / Lube Technician 8197BirminghamAlabama
Automotive Business Manager / Finance Manager 8196Edgewater ParkNew Jersey
Automotive Detailer 8195BirminghamAlabama
Automotive Corporate Finance Director 8191GreensboroNorth Carolina
Auto Body Shop Technician / Collision Center Technician 8193GreerSouth Carolina
Powersports Dealership Parts & Service Director 8184WilmingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8192Panama CityFlorida
Experienced Truck Driver 8188BlairsvillePennsylvania
Experienced Paver / Paving Technician 8187BlairsvillePennsylvania
Building Maintenance Technician 8186BlairsvillePennsylvania
Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic 8185BlairsvillePennsylvania
Automotive Lube Tech / Express Lane Tech 8190MorgantownWest Virginia
Automotive Service Technician 8189MorgantownWest Virginia
Powersports Product Specialist 8170FayettevilleNorth Carolina
Powersports Product Specialist 8183WilmingtonNorth Carolina
Automotive General Sales Manager / GSM 8182CharlotteNorth Carolina
Automotive Lot Attendant / Porter 8179BlairsvillePennsylvania
Experienced Automotive Sales Professional 8178BlairsvillePennsylvania
Automotive Sales Consultant 8177BlairsvillePennsylvania
Recreational Vehicles / RV Sales Associate 8181HuntsvilleAlabama
Recreational Vehicles / RV Sales Associate 8180BirminghamAlabama
Automotive Service Director 8176Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina
Automotive Used Car Manager 8174IrmoSouth Carolina
Automotive Service Manager 8172RockvilleMaryland
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8171HamptonVirginia
Powersports Assembly Technician / PDI / Unit Builder 8168FayettevilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Development Center Manager / BDC Manager 8169SalisburyNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager / F & I Manager 8167GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Detailer / Detail Technician 8166GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Manager 8165GreensboroNorth Carolina
Automotive BDC Manager 8164Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Service Advisor 8163GreerSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Professional 8162PaducahKentucky
Automotive BDC Manager 8159North WilkesboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 8155WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Express Service Tech / Lube Tech 8154WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Sales Professional 8152Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 8151Winston-SalemNorth Carolina
Automotive Internet Sales Director 8150WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Internet Sales Director 8149WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8148ChantillyVirginia
Automotive Sales Manager 8147RichmondVirginia
Automotive Used Car Manager 8146RichmondVirginia
Automotive General Manager 8145GreenvilleSouth Carolina
Automotive General Manager 8144AshevilleNorth Carolina
Automotive General Manager 8143HendersonvilleNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Consultant 8142FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Parts Delivery Driver 8161FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Main Shop Tech 8158WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Service Advisor 8157WaldorfMaryland
Automotive Service Advisor 8156WaldorfMaryland
Heavy Diesel Technician 8153GaithersburgMaryland
Automotive General Sales Manager 8141DawsonvilleGeorgia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8139Kansas CityKansas
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8138MarshallMissouri
Automotive Used Car Manager 8137Kansas CityMissouri
Automotive Service Advisor 8136Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 8135DuluthMinnesota
Automotive Sales Representative 8133HickoryNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 8132Marlow HeightsMaryland
Experienced Automotive Tag and Title Clerk 8131AlexandriaVirginia
Automotive Service Advisor 8127HagerstownMaryland
Automotive Main Shop Technician 8126HagerstownMaryland
Automotive State Inspector 8125HagerstownMaryland
Quick Lube / Oil Change Technician 8130MorgantonNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 8129ColumbiaSouth Carolina
Automotive Detailer / Detail Technician 8128AshevilleNorth Carolina
Automotive General Sales Manager / Automotive Sales Manager 8123DurhamNorth Carolina
Automotive Sales Associate 8120HamptonVirginia
Automotive Service Technician 8079HamptonVirginia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8117St. LouisMissouri
Automotive Sales Associate 8118St. LouisMissouri
Automotive Body Shop Technician 8112DurhamNorth Carolina
Automotive Product Specialist / Sales Associate 8111DurhamNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 8113DurhamNorth Carolina
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8116AlexandriaVirginia
Automotive Service Technician 8114SmithfieldNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 8115SmithfieldNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 8106RaleighNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Technician 8105CaryNorth Carolina
Automotive Service Advisor 8109White MarshMaryland
Automotive Main Shop Technician 8108White MarshMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8098SpringfieldVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8100ChantillyVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8099SpringfieldVirginia
Automotive Service Technician 8088Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8097AlexandriaVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8102FredericksburgVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8103StaffordVirginia
Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8092HagerstownMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8093RichmondVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8095Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8096WaldorfMaryland
Service Porter / Lot Attendant 8090FredericksburgVirginia
Automotive Product Specialist 8094GaithersburgMaryland
Service Porter / Lot Attendant 8089AshlandVirginia
Automotive Dealership Office Manager 8091Marlow HeightsMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8104HagerstownMaryland
Automotive Product Specialist 8101Tysons CornerVirginia
Automotive Sales Consultants 8087Mount PleasantPennsylvania
Experienced Automotive Finance and Insurance Manager / F & I Manager 8086NewarkDelaware
Experienced Automotive BDC Representative / Call Center 8085FlorenceSouth Carolina
Automotive Product Specialist 8084MorgantonNorth Carolina
Experienced Body Shop / Collision Center Estimator 8083Fort MillSouth Carolina
Automotive Sales Manager 8082WilkesboroNorth Carolina
Automotive Business Development Center Manager / BDC Manager 8081WilkesboroNorth Carolina