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Protect your customers’ vehicles from theft

EasyCare Theft Protection is a one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to help your customers prevent auto theft. By permanently imprinting a unique code on their vehicle, it becomes less desirable to professional thieves. But in the event that their vehicle does get stolen, EasyCare will reimburse them for their loss.

Available engraving options:

  • Window stencil etching
  • Black-light/UV body panel stickers

The Issuing Provider in Florida is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO under license number 60080. The Issuing Provider in Texas is Warranty Support Services LLC. The Issuing Provider is subject to change.

The information presented on this site is intended for marketing purposes only and is a summary of the benefits offered. Not all plans are available in all areas and coverage may vary by state. Ask your dealer representative for the actual contract or limited warranty for complete terms, conditions, exclusions and state-specific language. Purchase of this coverage is optional and is not required to qualify for financing.

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