The road ahead of your customer is clear; the opportunities are endless. In the event that they lose their keys, or get locked out of their car or home, EasyCare KeyCare will get them back on track. We provide services such as key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, key recovery and identity protection, and transportation options—so they’ll never miss a beat.


  • Key replacement coverage: EasyCare picks up the cost to repair or replace the lost or stolen keys/key fobs on your customer’s covered vehicle, as well as any additional keys on your keyring. This includes keys for a home, boat, RV, lockbox and more.
  • 24-hour lock-out assistance: Your customers can simply call our 24-hour toll-free number, and we’ll send someone to come out and unlock their car or home.
  • Key retrieval rewards program: Our unique coding puts your keys back in your customer’s hands if they are lost. As long as our KeyCare tag is on their keyring, the finder of the keys can drop them in any mail slot and we will return them to your customer.
  • Rental car, towing & taxi reimbursement: Customer’s will be reimbursed* for a rental car, tow truck or taxi if needed before keys are repaired or replaced.
  • Emergency message relay: We can alert up to three contacts of an emergency situation.

*See contract for details

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