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EasyCare KeyCare provides key replacement and 24/7 emergency assistance, protecting you and your family from being locked out of your car or home. With KeyCare, you receive the following benefits:

  • Replacement Coverage – EasyCare picks up the cost of replacing lost, stolen, or inoperable keys/fobs, including home or other keys.
  • 24 Hour Lock Out Assistance – Call the 24/7 toll-free number and someone will come out to unlock your car or home.
  • Recovery Protection – With KeyCare, you’ll receive a key tag with your EasyCare member number and postage-paid return address. Anyone who finds your keys can drop them in a mailbox for return to the secure KeyCare Return Center.
  • Taxi, Loaner, Towing and Driver’s Valet Assistance – If replacement keys can’t be made at the lock-out location, KeyCare will provide you with a taxi or rental car, and even towing coverage.

The Issuing Provider in Florida is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO under license number 60080. The Issuing Provider in Texas is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO. The Issuing Provider is subject to change.

The information presented on this site is intended for marketing purposes only and is a summary of the benefits offered. Not all plans are available in all areas and coverage may vary by state. Ask your dealer representative for the actual contract or limited warranty for complete terms, conditions, exclusions and state-specific language. Purchase of this coverage is optional and is not required to qualify for financing.

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