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EasyCare’s primary goal has always been to help others succeed, which is why we offer leading-edge training to improve engagement in sales, service, F&I and dealership management. Our blended learning approach consists of classroom courses, virtual training and ongoing online coaching that cater to different learning methods. With the right tools and knowledge to get ahead, you’ll be making the ultimate impact at every customer touchpoint.

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There is no substitute for live, face-to-face interactive training, where you can “feel” the learning experience as it happens. Recorded role play sessions, multimedia presentations, proficiencies scorecards and final exams are all part of EasyCare University’s classroom curriculum.

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Virtual training is the perfect platform for course curriculum introduction and reinforcement. Our pre-recorded, interactive training sessions can be attended from any desktop computer, tablet device and mobile smart phone, and there is a full library of courses to choose from—available 24/7.

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EasyCare University’s Online Coaching Network offers live training sessions with industry-renowned instructors. Incorporating the best of both worlds, this live virtual classroom allows you to have real-time interaction with the instructor and other students.



F&I Impact is a five-day course designed to benefit F&I managers of all levels. It combines highly interactive classroom training with role playing to sharpen skills and improve retention.

  • Following the prescribed F&I presentation process
  • Identifying the five pervasive client exposures
  • Identifying and responding to client concerns
  • Legally and ethically maintaining compliance standards
  • Increasing F&I department profitability


The all new curriculum of Advanced F&I Impact will stretch any Business Manager to reach new levels of performance and leadership! We start the class with leadership skills based on Dave Anderson’s philosophies. We then focus on off-menu selling, second menu options and advocating for F&I. We also take a deep dive into the six responsibilities of the Business Manager.

  • Securing the sale
  • Protecting the dealership
  • Generating F&I revenue
  • Maintaining excellent CSI
  • Improving department profitability
  • Training the sales staff


Principles of F&I Impact is an intense two-day review of the F&I Impact process. It combines highly interactive classroom training with role playing and personalized instructor feedback to sharpen skills.

  • Client’s needs awareness
  • Presentation of the menu
  • Strategies for responding to client’s objections


Merging the sales and F&I process is becoming more prevalent as dealers look for ways to satisfy the modern customers’ need for transaction speed. One-Touch trains students on one efficient process to take customers from greeting through delivery.

This course focuses on:
  • Your sales process
  • F&I compliance
  • Establishing the need for F&I benefits
  • F&I needs awareness
  • Menu presentation
  • Overcoming client objections
  • Vehicle delivery


Retail Impact trains the key sales skillsets required in the age of digital retailing. Students will learn how to meet the customer’s needs for on-demand information, provide hospitality through the sales experience, advocate for F&I benefits and succeed despite the customer’s desire for speed of delivery.

This course focuses on:
  • The five essential skillsets
  • Visual selling skills
  • Active trade evaluation and new vehicle presentation
  • Building leverage for services and options to defend the online price
  • Four-step strategy to counter payment negotiations


EasyCare University’s Learning Center brings leading-edge training straight to your computer, tablet or phone. Our online “skills based” interactive training is designed to augment product knowledge and industry best practices. We provide built-in testing to ensure comprehension, and management reporting systems to easily monitor employees’ training progress and results.




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Carl Grane has more than 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, including training, financial services, income development and dealership management. Carl brings a blended learning approach to the training curriculum by combining our learning management system, live online web training and in-person classroom-style training. His training programs for finance and insurance, sales and fixed operations help dealers create passionate employees and customers for their automotive dealerships.

Steve Richards is an industry-renowned trainer who works with more than 40 of the nation’s most prestigious retail automotive organizations—many ranked in the top three by their OEMs. His modern sales strategies, transparency, and trust-building skills prepare sales teams to more effectively work with today’s informed and internet-savvy customers. Steve has a wealth of experience in helping dealers streamline their sales processes to make the customer’s purchase experience faster and more fun than the traditional and dated “road to the sale.” Plus, Steve has taught thousands of sales team members to use social media to brand themselves and increase their personally generated traffic. He practices what he preaches—sharing his cutting edge automotive sales strategies and techniques on YouTube, which have been viewed over 12,000,000 times.

Brian Francis brings over 16 years of automotive industry experience to the EasyCare University training team. Having spent several years working in a dealership F&I office before joining APCO as a Regional Manager, Brian has the unique perspective needed to train and coach both independent and franchise dealership associates. He uses his sales expertise, customer service background and strategic management experience to develop training programs focused on strengthening dealership networks, increasing profits and boosting productivity.

Erica Cooper brings over 6 years of experience in independent dealerships to the EasyCare University training team. She’s proficient in new hire onboarding, internal sales training, curriculum development, facilitating in-dealership coaching, and classroom training. Before joining APCO, Erica was a Master Instructor in the Credit and Financial Services field, developing multi-channel, customized learning solutions with a focus on federal regulations and the impact they have on underwriting processes. Erica's broad experience in independent auto dealerships gives her the ability to bring the independent auto industry and VSC admin world together in a formula that works.

Jeremy brings over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry to the EasyCare University training team. Before joining APCO, Jeremy spent four years as a National Training Manager, leading internal and external training and development programs in the F&I space—including developing a highly-regarded dealer leadership academy. Before that, he spent over fourteen years in the retail automotive franchise space holding positions from sales to Managing Partner. He holds facilitator certifications in some of the world's leading development programs and personally believes that for an organization to move from good to great, you've got to focus on the development of people.

Mark Ladd brings over 21 years in the automotive industry to the EasyCare University training team. He began his career in a dealership, progressing up the ranks from car washer, to salesman, Finance Manager, F&I Director, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Mark also has a wealth of experience on the agency and administrator side of the business, holding various roles in training, F&I and leadership at Zurich, Ally Financial, The Warranty Group, Allied Solutions and Berkshire Hathaway. His broad experience in many areas of the industry allows him to build insightful, forward-thinking training programs for automotive professionals.


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