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EasyCare’s primary goal has always been to help others succeed, which is why we offer leading-edge training to improve engagement in sales, service, F&I and dealership management. Our blended learning approach consists of classroom courses, virtual training and ongoing online coaching through our Alumni Network that cater to different learning methods. With the right tools and knowledge to get ahead, you’ll be making the ultimate impact at every customer touchpoint.

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F&I Impact is a five-day course designed to benefit F&I managers of all levels. It combines highly interactive classroom training with role playing to sharpen skills and improve retention.
RV F&I Impact is designed to benefit F&I managers of all levels at RV dealerships. It combines highly interactive classroom training with role playing to sharpen skills and improve retention.
The auto industry is highly-regulated with dozens of rules and regulations governing the vehicle sales and F&I process. AFIP certification gives you a working knowledge of the state and federal laws that apply to F&I, opportunities for continuing professional development, and a higher standing in the industry.
Merging the sales and F&I process is becoming more prevalent as dealers look for ways to satisfy the modern customers’ need for transaction speed. One-Touch trains students on one efficient process to take customers from greeting through delivery.
Retail Impact trains the key sales skillsets required in the age of digital retailing. Students will learn how to meet the customer’s needs for on-demand information, provide hospitality through the sales experience, advocate for F&I benefits and succeed despite the customer’s desire for speed of delivery.
EasyCare University’s Learning Center brings leading-edge training straight to your computer, tablet or phone. Our online “skills based” interactive training is designed to augment product knowledge and industry best practices. We provide built-in testing to ensure comprehension, and management reporting systems to easily monitor employees’ training progress and results.



Feb 14

LIVE: F&I Impact

February 14 - February 17
Norcross GA
Mar 07

LIVE: F&I Impact

March 7 - March 10
Mooresville NC
Apr 11

LIVE: F&I Impact

April 11 - April 14
Norcross GA
May 16

LIVE: F&I Impact

May 16 - May 19
Norcross GA
Jun 13

LIVE: F&I Impact

June 13 - June 16
Philadelphia PA


Steve Richards is an industry-renowned trainer who works with more than 40 of the nation’s most prestigious retail automotive organizations—many ranked in the top three by their OEMs. His modern sales strategies, transparency, and trust-building skills prepare sales teams to more effectively work with today’s informed and internet-savvy customers. Steve has a wealth of experience in helping dealers streamline their sales processes to make the customer’s purchase experience faster and more fun than the traditional and dated “road to the sale.” Plus, Steve has taught thousands of sales team members to use social media to brand themselves and increase their personally generated traffic. He practices what he preaches—sharing his cutting edge automotive sales strategies and techniques on YouTube, which have been viewed over 12,000,000 times.

Jeremy brings over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry to the EasyCare University training team. Before joining APCO, Jeremy spent four years as a National Training Manager, leading internal and external training and development programs in the F&I space—including developing a highly-regarded dealer leadership academy. Before that, he spent over fourteen years in the retail automotive franchise space holding positions from sales to Managing Partner. He holds facilitator certifications in some of the world's leading development programs and has earned the title of AFIP Certified Instructor- one of the most sought after certifications on the market. Jeremy believes that for an organization to move from good to great, you've got to focus on the development of people.

A partner with Strategic Diversified prior to APCO’s acquisition in 2021, Jeremiah Shelton, Vice President of Training and Development, has been in the industry for over 20 years. Jeremiah is responsible for driving APCO’s learning strategy, including creating and implementing training programs, driving a culture of continuous learning and development, and working with leadership and partners in the industry to understand current and future training needs. In addition to his extensive experience, Jeremiah is also an award-winning children’s book author.


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